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Why should you install your scripts through Softaculous?

At Doteasy, we often recommend clients installing scripts through Softaculous. Softaculous is an auto-installer with a library of hundreds of scripts for customers to install. With over 25 categories featuring over 250 scripts such as blog, CMS, forums, etc., you can create your website for almost any functionality you want. To learn the full features of Softaculous in details, please read this article in our Scripts Library.

There are many reasons why you should install your scripts using Softaculous. We’ve highlighted a few:

Ease of use

Softaculous Dashboard features an app-icon-driven interface which provides better navigation experiences (see the image below). Once you click the icon, you can choose to read the user reviews for that particular script, or check out the demo site built with the particular script. The demo websites also give you admin access so that you can view the website in both end-users and admin point of views.


Quick Installation and Uninstallation

Typically, this is how you need to install a script without a script auto-installer: find the installation file online first; download the file and unzip it; upload it through FTP program; and manually create a database if it’s required. However, with script auto-installer like Softaculous, all you need is to login to cPanel and give Softaculous-icon a click. Then, navigate within the dashboard and choose the script you want. Click the icon and you are all set to go. No FTP uploading or manual database installation required! With Softaculous, the installation steps can be done within a minute.

What if the script you’ve installed does not quite suite your needs? No worries! There is an icon called “All Installations” in the Softaculous dashboard. Click on it and hit the remove button. The script and the corresponding database files will be removed instantly.

Softaculous is designed to simplify the sophisticated script installation process which creates a “Smartphone-App-Installation” experience to novice webmasters!


All about Updates

One of the biggest drawbacks of using script auto-installer is that the installed scripts are often outdated. On the other hand, Softaculous manages to keep the scripts in their latest versions. Once there are new updates released for your installed scripts, you will receive email notifications from Softaculous. Plus, if you sign in to the cPanel and Softaculous dashboard, you will see the update icons on these two places as well. This feature is extremely handy for those who have installed multiple scripts on their websites while keeping all these scripts in the most recent versions.

If you would like to try out some of the great features of Softaculous, please visit our Softaculous Demo site.

Softaculous is included with our Unlimited Hosting plan. For those of you who are interested in subscribing to our Unlimited Hosting plan, please click here to sign up. Or, if you need further assistance, shoot us an email or submit a support ticket by visiting our Contact Us page.

What is Fantastico

Gone are the days of hand-coding websites. With the many powerful web applications available today, you don’t even need to have scripting knowledge or experience to put together a blog, web store, photo gallery, forum, etc. However, if you are not very technically inclined, it can be quite challenging to install these applications. The multiple problems encountered by website owners would have to do with the complicated manual installation of the web application, setting up the database and configuring the configuration files, etc.

But just because you are non-technie doesn’t mean you have to settle with sub-par static websites. If you are a newbie to installing web applications, Fantastico will be just what you need.

What is Fantastico?

Fantastico makes installations of web applications super easy.

Fantastico is a script library that automates the installation of web applications to a website. It allows you to install a selection of web applications in just a few clicks. Seriously it is that easy! It usually takes a lot of effort and hours to get a web application up and running while with the use of Fantastico, all it takes is just a minute or so.

Fantastico is written with the non-technical user in mind, but it is also very popular with more technically-minded users who do not want to waste time on manually configuring the installation files to install a web application on their websites. It typically creates tables in a database, install software, adjust permission and modify web server configuration files for you – all you have to do is click on the script of your choice, hit the install button and come up with a username and password.

What applications can you install using Fantastico?

Just to name a few of the more popular applications you can install using Fantastico:

  • WordPress – a popular blog software that can create both beautiful blog and web pages
  • Drupal – an open source software with features such as content management systems, blog, collaborative authoring environments, forums, etc.
  • phpBB – a powerful discussion forum that is fully scalable and highly customizable and comes with a simple, user-friendly admin interface
  • Zen Cart – a powerful eCommerce software that supports almost every payment and shipping gateways
  • Moodle – an e-learning course management system that features assignment submission, discussion forum, file download, grading, online quizzes, news and announcements and calendar
  • Gallery – a web-based photo album software that lets you manage, edit and share your photos online
  • Open-Realty – an useful program that enables users to setup their real estate websites featuring attachments, flexible search, Yahoo Maps interface and much more.
  • osTicket – an open source ticket system that helps you create a comprehensive customer service system through email, online forms and phone support (created by staff of your own).

Here’s a complete list of applications included in Fantastico:

B2evolution, Nucleus, Noahs Classifieds, Geeklog, Joomla, Mambo, PHP-Nuke, phpWCMS, phpWebSite, Siteframe, TYPO3, Xoops, Zikula, Crafty Syntax Live Help, Help Center Live, PerlDesk, PHP Support Tickets, Support Logic Helpdesk, Support Services Manager, SMF, CubeCart, OS Commerce, FAQMasterFlex, AccountLab Plus, phpCOIN, 4Images Gallery, Coppermine Photo Gallery, PHPlist, Advanced Poll, LimeSurvey, phpESP, dotProject, PHProjekt, Soholaunch Pro Edition, Templates Express, TikiWiki CMS/Groupware, PhpWiki, Dew-NewPHPLinks, OpenX, PHPauction, phpFormGenerator, and WebCalendar.

Where can I get Fantastico?

Fantastico is included for FREE in the Doteasy Unlimited Hosting plans.

When you sign up with the Doteasy Unlimited Hosting plan, Fantastico will be accessible via your cPanel admin interface.

The video below will show you where you can find Fantastico in your cPanel admin interface and will show you step-by-step how easy it is to install an application.

I think Fantastico is perfect for me, what’s the next step?

Your next step is to sign up for the Doteasy Unlimited Hosting plan. You can do so on the Doteasy homepage.

Our special introductory price for Unlimited Hosting plan is only US$3.98/month.

If you have any questions or need assistance in choosing the most suitable web hosting plan, you can always contact us via email, phone (support number) or Live Chat.

How to install Drupal

We’ve introduced WordPress, one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS), in our previous posts. WordPress is popular due to its ease to use. With “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) feature, WordPress is extremely handy for those with no coding knowledge. However, users who are used to hand-code for building a website will choose Drupal over WordPress.

Drupal is a free software package that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. Tens of thousands of people and organizations are using Drupal to power scores of different web sites, including

  • Community web portals
  • Discussion sites
  • Corporate web sites
  • Intranet applications
  • Personal web sites or blogs
  • Aficionado sites
  • E-commerce applications
  • Resource directories
  • Social Networking sites

The built-in functionality of Drupal, combined with dozens of freely available add-on modules, will enable features such as:

  • Content Management Systems
  • Blogs
  • Collaborative authoring environments
  • Forums
  • Peer-to-peer networking
  • Newsletters
  • Podcasting
  • Picture galleries
  • File uploads and downloads

Drupal vs WordPress

As you may notice, both Drupal and WordPress offer the some of the same features. So which scripts should you choose to install for building your website? If you are a novice user, pick WordPress. If you are more comfortable in building websites with html codes, choose Drupal.

Both our Ultra and Unlimited Hosting plans support Drupal and WordPress platforms.

The below video tutorial teaches you how to install Drupal from Fantastico, a script auto-installer which is included in your cPanel if you are are subscribing our Ultra or Unlimited Hosting account.