Increasing WordPress Security

Recently, WordPress has been attacked by a massive botnet of tens of thousands of computers. In particular, the attack mainly targeted WordPress websites with “admin” as the usernames and tried numerous possible passwords.

If you are planning to install WordPress on your website, please make sure that you DO NOT set the username as “admin”. This will greatly reduce the chances of being compromised. Also, here are a few extra tips on increasing your WordPress security:

  • – Always keep your WordPress version and plugins up-to-date!
  • – Remove unused plugins
  • – Avoid usernames with words that contain your domain name
  • – Create a stronger password (e.g. password that contains at least a number, a letter, and a symbol)
  • – Update your username and password regularly
  • – Check out our WordPress Security 101 article

WordPress, by default, does not allow users to change the username once it is created. So, now the question is:

What can I do if I’ve already set ‘admin’ as my username? Is there any way I can change it?

Please watch this short video to see how quick and easy it is to change the username in WordPress in an alternative way.

If you have troubles in updating your username in WordPress, please contact us and our Customer Support Team is happy to assist you. Also, share this article on your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ account to help spread out this useful tip. A recent study shows that there are approximately 64 million WordPress websites (18% of all websites) in the world. By sharing this tip, you are helping to create a more secured internet!

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