How to test your website in different browsers

We often recommend our customers to test their web page with different browsers and make sure the sites look fine in different browsers. However, this is easier said than done. Why? Say you are a Mac user. Right away, you know that you can’t test your website with Internet Explore because there is no Mac version for Internet Explorer. Adobe has a very useful tool called “BrowserLab”. With this tool, you can view not only your website in different browsers but also compare them side by side to see the differences easily. Here the steps:

1. Visit BrowserLab and click the “Start using BrowserLab” button 2. Create an Adobe ID (registration is FREE) or login with your registered email if you’ve already done so! 3. Once you log in, click “Test” 4. Go to “View” and select “2-up View” 5. Choose the browser that you would like to test with. 6. Type in the domain name of the website you would like to test. Press “Enter” 7. BrowserLab will show you the screenshot of your webpage in the tested browsers. For example, we tested our forum ( According to the screenshots, the spacing in Safari is different than in Internet Explore (please refer to the highlighted part in green below). The spacing differences are very crucial when the website contains a lot of graphics. The inaccurate alignment of the pictures will definitely make your websites look unprofessional. So it is a great idea to check your website with BrowserLab before promoting your website.

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