Featured Script: Pixelpost


Who: New parents, soon-to-be brides & grooms, photo-bloggers, photographers planning to start up their personal blog, people who want to share their pictures on the internet with NO coding background and tight budget

What: Pixelpost is an open source photoblog web hosting application powered by PHP and MySQL, developed for publishing photos on a chronological base.

When: Instant Install

Where: Softaculous under the category “Image Galleries”

Why: A picture is worth a thousand words. While some online bloggers like writing, others may choose to take pictures to capture their memorable moments! Pixelpost features:

  • – Multilingual capability
  • – Comment, categories, and tagging functions
  • – Exif-support (a file format standard that specifies the formats for images, sound, and ancillary tags used by digital cameras, scanners, and other systems handling images)
  • – Theme-support (change the outlook of the website in just a few clicks)
  • – Plugin-support (improves SEO, commenting and other features)
  • – RSS-support (must-have function for blogs. RSS feed allows online users to subscribe to your website and receive updates)
  • – Space for providing basic photo information (very important for viewers to learn more about how to duplicate the shots)
  • – Spam filtering

How: Pixelpost (and 250 more web applications) are already included in Softaculous for FREE. Subscribe to our Unlimited Hosting plan to install this powerful open source web application! To view the demo page, please click the image below!

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