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WordPress Security 101

WordPress is an open source software and sometimes hackers may use security exploits to compromise your site. Here are some things that you can do to better protect your site.

1. Always be up to date and use the latest version of WordPress. Older versions of WordPress are not maintained with security updates.

2. Make sure your plugins/themes are always updated. Also, if you are not using a specific plugin/theme, delete it from the system.

3. Use an admin ID other than 'admin' in new WordPress installations. If you are already using 'admin' as your admin ID, you can create a new one and remove the old 'admin' ID.  To setup a new Admin and remove the old Admin:

a) Go to WordPress admin panel.
b) Click on “Users” to add a new user, and set its role to administrator.
c) Remove the 'admin' user after the new user is created.

4. Many vulnerabilities can be avoided with good security habits. A strong password is an important aspect of this.

5. Make backups of your site and database on regular basis.

For the more advanced users, we also suggest the following changes:

i. File permissions: Allowing write access to your files can potentially be dangerous. It is best to lock down your file permissions as much as possible and to loosen those restrictions only when needed.

Folder: 755
php/html, and other files: 644
wp-config.php: 600

ii. Secure the wp-admin folder: It can be done through password protection inside cPanel.

iii. Disable File Editing: The WordPress Dashboard by default allows administrators to edit PHP files, such as plugin and theme files. This is often the first tool that an attacker will use since it allows code execution. You can disable editing from the Dashboard. Placing this line in the wp-config.php file is the equivalent to removing the 'edit_themes', 'edit_plugins' and 'edit_files' capabilities for all users:

define('DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true);

This will not prevent an attacker from uploading malicious files to your site, but it will stop some attacks.

You can download the wp-config.php file through FTP, use a text editor to add the code to the very bottom of the file, save it, and then publish it to the server. Make sure you set the permission of the file to 600 after the upload.

If you have any problems making any of our suggested changes, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Support Team.

Featured Script: Lime Survey

Lime Survey

Who: Any kind of business, local community, university student clubs

What: Lime Survey is an open source online survey application written in PHP based on a MySQL, PostgreSQL or MSSQL database. It’s well known for its ease to use and no coding required for installation.

When: Instant Install

Where: Softaculous under the category “Polls and Surveys”

Why: Surveys can aid businesses in doing market research, helping them better understand their customers’ needs and preferences. These kinds of information are invaluable because businesses can then conduct analysis to enhance customer service, product features, and uncover the reasons as to why certain products or services lack popularity. Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter are good tools for reaching out to customers to conduct surveys, but having your business survey published on your business domain is ultimately the optimal choice in terms of maintaining a professional image for your company. With Lime Survey, you can quickly create a survey on your business domain in just a few clicks. Lime Survey features:

  • -Unlimited number of surveys
  • -Unlimited number of questions in a survey
  • -Unlimited number of participants to a survey
  • -Multi-Lingual Surveys
  • -20 different question types
  • -WYSIWYG HTML Editor
  • -Integration of pictures and movies
  • -Creation of a printable survey version
  • -Re-usable editable answer sets
  • -Ready-made importable questions
  • -Assessment surveys
  • -Anonymous and Not-Anonymous survey
  • -Open and closed group of participant surveys
  • -Optional public registration for surveys
  • -Sending of invitations, reminders and tokens by email
  • -Option for participants to buffer answers to continue survey at a later time
  • -Cookie or session based surveys
  • -Template editor for creating your own page layout
  • -Template-support (change the outlook of the page in just a few clicks)
  • -Extended and user-friendly administration interface
  • -Back-office data entry possibility
  • -Survey expiry dates for automation
  • -Enhanced import and export functions
  • -Basic statistical and graphical analysis with export facility

How: Lime Survey (and 250 more web applications) are already included in Softaculous for FREE. Subscribe to our Unlimited Hosting plan to install this powerful open source web application! To view the demo page, please click the image below!

Featured Script: OpenClassifieds

Who: Local community, fundraiser for charity events, individuals who wish to start a Craiglist-style online classified ad website (maybe an online garage sale?!)
What: OpenClassifieds is a free open source script for classifieds, advertisement or listings. This web application is developed to be easy-to-use, fast, light, secure and SEO friendly with template-enabled functionality.
When: Instant install
Where: Softaculous under the category “Ad Management”
Why: Making money through publishing ads. Compatible with Google AdSense to maximize revenue from your online content. Ideal solution for individuals and fundraisers with limited budget and no HTML coding background! Other great features include:
  • – Friendly URLs (can be deactivated)
  • – SEO friendly
  • – PayPal Compatible
  • – Pre-built theme – with just a few clicks, you can change the look of your classified ads website anytime you want
  • – Multi category
  • – Pictures per item (with image re-sizer)
  • – Views counter
  • – Secured setting: Confirmation email required to make post
  • – Default template HTML and CSS valid, without any image
  • – Administrator, for categories, cache, sitemap, settings
  • – Mobile devices ready with template
How: OpenClassified (and 250 more web applications) are already included in Softaculous for FREE. Subscribe to our Unlimited Hosting plan to install this powerful open source web application! To view the demo page, please click the image below!

Softaculous Video: Inspired by a True Story

We know that for those with little HTML experience, building a website can be both a difficult and tedious task. To help solve this problem, Doteasy has web tools such as our Website Creator and Softaculous to help customers jumpstart their websites without going through any coding. These user-friendly and powerful tools can build a website in just a few clicks. To better demonstrate how quick and easy it is to build a website, we’ve stepped outside our studio to make this “inspired by a true story” video so you’ll know how to make good use of Softaculous in your daily life. Enjoy!

Watch your website take off with PHP

PHP is a powerful scripting language used to create dynamic and interactive web pages. While the words “powerful,” “scripting” and “dynamic” might make you want to put on your running shoes and flee, PHP scripts have come a long way and have evolved to be rather easy to use – you might be surprised to see how easy it really is!

Just like HTML codes, you can definitely learn to code PHP by hand. W3Schools and PHPBuddy are just two of the many websites you can check-out to learn PHP. There are also many PHP editors you can use. Zend Studio and UltraEdit are two very popular ones among PHP programmers.

But why get your hands dirty when many PHP-made applications nowadays come with user-friendly interfaces that allow both novice and expert users to make the most of their websites. Just think the last time you used WordPress, phpBB, osCommerce… Yes, these are all PHP-made applications!

Taking WordPress as an example – it’s a powerful application that is used to create dynamic and interactive websites and blogs. Websites like Cornel University Department of Music, NFL Blogs and CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 are all powered by WordPress. If you want to setup an online store, you might be surprised to know that the Google Store is powered by osCommerce.

You, too, can have a website just like them – all you need is the Doteasy Unlimited Hosting plan. No scripting or programming experience required – you don’t even need to know how to install the application nor create a database, thanks to Softaculous.

Softaculous is a script library that offers auto-installation of applications. All you need to do is pick the application want to use, specify your preferred login credentials (ie. the ID and password you want to use for that particular application) and then click on the “Install” button. You can browse through the different scripts by the “Top Scripts” list or the 25 categories based on their functionalities. If you are unsure about which script you should download, you can simply view the demo page. Softaculous even provides you with a demo “admin” account for you to test the script before the actual installation.

What if you don’t like the script after installing it? You can click the “Remove” button and all the scripts and databases are deleted immediately. Softaculous makes the script installation steps so easy that it’s simply like installing an app on your smartphone. Softaculous is included in the Doteasy Unlimited Hosting plans and it offers simple one-click installations for WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, osCommerce, ZenCart, Prestashop, Coppermine Photo Gallery and 250 more.

Gone are the days of static HTML websites. With all the powerful yet easy-to-use PHP-made applications and all-inclusive Doteasy Unlimited Hosting Plan, there is no better time to realize your visions and let your website soar!